Thursday, August 8, 2013

Naki Laundry

I worked on this after effects animation for Naki Laundry.  It was a good experience and hopefully we'll be making more videos in the future.  I think I'd like to try a different approach or maybe even a more traditional approach instead of after effects rigs.  This project took way longer than expected.  Life got a bit in the way and I've been busy looking for new work since I've been a contractor here in the bay area.  Now that it's over I hope to have more original art coming soon.


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Boob said...

Ha - neat.

The people that like to do traditional animation are people that most likely enjoy the process and enjoy drawing on paper. It's really hard to find someone that'll pay you for that specific process when a computer or a AE rig can speed things up for the client and in most cases it'll actually look better than a pencil test.

That said, if you enjoy animation, you can squeeze out some fun out of some AE rigs. You can develop your own ways of working in AE and give yourself more control, more fun. Ya don't hafta think of it as only a "moving cut out" per se. Don't limit yourself. You can still apply animation principals or use more expressions or do more drawings (antics, breakdowns, extremes, etc.) if the project calls for it. Make it fun, but obviously balance it against time/cost restraints.

Also - if you haven't used Flash, you should try it. If nothing else, it's a piece of software that allows you to draw right on the stage with a timeline. No other Adobe software does that. Cintiqs are great, but if you're comfortable with a tablet, the ability to just have fun and draw and animate is right there. It can be immediately satisfying just to doodle a few frames and scrub between them, make some corrections and FEEL the animation. It's digital paper flipping.

heh heh - sorry to babble. Look me up on LinkedIn if you wanna connect and chat more.