Sunday, March 18, 2012

GDC with Backflip Studios

The Game Developers Conference is held annually in San Francisco.  I look forward to GDC every year because it's the one time of the year that I get to see some friends of mine that I went to college with who come out for the conference.  One of those good friends being the Art Director at Backflip Studios located in Boulder, Colorado.  The past few years we've been getting together after GDC, but as things would turn out I was unable to meet up this year due to moving into a new place.

Of course the year I am unable to attend, Backflip Studios hosts a huge after party.  It sounded like an awesome time and game companies from Rovio to Blizzard attended.

Hopefully next year they put on another Backflip Bash so I can catch up with the company and if you're going to GDC maybe you can get in on the guest list too!  In the mean time though, we've got great games to play on our iPhones and iPads by Backflip.  Be sure to check out some of these games:

Check out the iTunes store for more games by Backflip Studios.

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