Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Arcade Re-design

I decided to take another look at my arcade designs now that I've got the funds to make this project a reality.  The main idea behind the new design is to maximize space.  If you remember or compare it to the old design, you will see the biggest changes in the side view.  The cabinet is now smaller on the sides but is still the same size in the front.  This way it will take up less space.  I've also added some sliding drawers to the sides as well for concealing consoles and for easy access.  I am hoping to make these drawers push-to-open or at least pop open like a magnetic cabinet.  The drawers on the front of the cabinet will have the magnetic feature as well.

If my buddy can get together this weekend then this project will finally be getting underway.  As we start to make it, I will post pictures of our progress and in the end I will post my final measurements of the cabinet.  Maybe my arcade will inspire you to make your own.  As I started researching how to make my own, I stubbled upon lots of websites and blogs where people were sharing their designs that inspired me to make mine.

Above is something I worked on recently for the arcade.  It shows all of the arcade control layouts for consoles that don't require a seconde analog stick.  Once you get past the Nintendo 64 and enter into the PS2 days and todays generation of consoles, you will have to switch over to the actual console to play.  The whole point behind this arcade is the idea that I will be able to play games from all of the consoles that I grew up with and todays games including PC games.

Below is another idea I had after I made this one.  The design on the left was to be more like a kiosk where you could have access to consoles above the arcade controls for switching games, but in the end I still liked my traditional looking design with the drawers the best.  The middles is a mix of both ideas.

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