Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Found Christmas - Drawing

One of my mother's favorite Christmas memories is from when I was a little boy.  We were getting out the Christmas decorations from the closet under the stairs in the basement, and as we were opening the boxes, I reached into one of them and pulled out a string of sleigh bells.  I held the bells into the air, looked at my mom, and said "I found Christmas!"  It brought a smile to her face and reminded her that that is what Christmas is all about.

As fun as it is to receive gifts from those who care about you, sometimes the simplest of things mean the most.  I sketched this up for my mom for Christmas this year.  I had thought about coloring it traditionally, but then thought I could achieve some nice lighting, or better lighting, if I did it digitally.  I wanted to share the sketch before I leave to go home and hopefully I will get a chance to finish the colors before I leave as well.

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