Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Aftermath of APE

Last weekend I attended the Alternative Press Expo (APE) in San Francisco and it was a great experience.  There was a variety of different artists there selling their work and everyone was really nice.  The best part about it was running into friends from school and watching friends that were in the show be successful and sell their work.  

I was nervous about the show.  It was my first time displaying my work to the public like that, but the general response was good.  I got a lot of compliments and people liked my work, which was great to hear.  I also got interviewed by, so as soon as that is up online you can check that out.  Hopefully I don't look like an idiot, hahaha.

If you missed out on APE, didn't know it was going on, or live out of town, not to worry.  I have put all of my stuff, well most of it, on my shop at  Click the banner below to go there.

Other places that you can access my store are here on my blog, up at the top, and at my facebook page there is now a store tab on the left, which is a great new feature that I am excited about.  

The art that is available to purchase are my sketchbooks, prints, buttons, an Iron Man original drawing that is framed, and a framed western themed pin-up girl.  If you would like any of the original art that you see in the picture abovet with me, send me an email and we can work that out.

For those that came out, thank you very much!  It was a good show and for the rest of you I hope you enjoy my store and thank you for your support.  It is very well appreciated.