Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Last Drawings of Clothed Figure 03

A few of my favs from the previous weeks

Wouldn't you know it!  The semester is coming to an end and I finally find a technique that works for me in my clothed figure class.  I was trying to approach  drawing like how my instructor wanted me to, but I would lose the shapes and rhythm of the character.  I have to feel my drawings with shapes and gesture.  The last two weeks of class I picked up some nue pastels by Prismacolor. I messed around with them a bit and found that I could get the gesture down really quickly with white and then go back in with my charcoal.  That really helped me a lot.  Week 14 is when I played around with them and I think you can see how they helped me a lot today (week 15).  We also had a great model today and drawing a pirate lass is a lot of fun. :)

Now that the class is over, I need to make sure that I attend workshops or get in a routine or going out and drawing people.  It wouldn't seem like it would be that important, but you learn and gain so much from doing so.  It also helps develop style and gives you time to experiment with different media and styles.

 *All poses are either 10 or 20 minute studies - give or take a few

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