Friday, January 21, 2011

A Little Friday Night Reading

With most of my drawings I tend to focus a lot on detail and with this piece I wanted to try and stay away from that. I wanted to focus more on shapes and speed. It was fun to just draw and color and not really worry about if it's completely correct or not - so this was my experiment in shapes and color. Sometimes it's fun to just relax and do whatever comes natural or whatever comes to mind first. I didn't want to go too extreme/geometric with the character though either. I still wanted her to appear soft and fluid in her design. Next time I will try and push the design elements a little further.


wow! the sky is blue. said...

good going in fact!!

-jen- said...

I like this, Adam. You can tell you really relaxed with it, and as much as your detailed work is really wonderful, something simplified like this is pretty enjoyable too. Its more about the mood than anything else, and that goes a long way. Kudos :)

Adam Knight said...

Thanks Jenni! I agree and I think I need to more drawings/work that is like that. I plan to do more experimentation soon with being more simplified. I think it will help me a lot, especially with my animation stuff.

Thanks for commenting.