Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brains & Beauty

Once upon a time in 5th grade, I had a crush on a really pretty blonde girl. We were really good friends. I thought she was amazing. She was beautiful and she was really smart. She was perfect! I of course was too shy to ask her out or tell her how I felt so we stayed good friends. Time goes by and she only blossoms to be even prettier then she was before...well because...lets just say she started changing before the other girls did. In high school, she dated the jocks and I dated the artsy girls. Six years later we're both going to grad school and she's still all brains and beauty. It's funny how time can whiz by, and when you visit people and places things are just as you left them years ago.


-jen- said...

She's purdy!

And wow, look at them knockers!

Those were my initial thoughts. Then I read on to see that she is in-fact a real girl, and I found myself wanting to reel in my boob comment a tad (only because not EVERY woman is goofy about boobs like Sarah, Bri, Mags, and I). :) Great sketch! I'm sure whomever the name-sake is is very much pleased and flattered!

wow! the sky is blue. said...