Saturday, December 18, 2010

Princess Justine

I have always loved drawing people and turing my lady friends into Princesses is kind of fun. Yeah I know I've only been doing head shots, but I'm thinking of doing some more, especially since I'm on break now. Yay! I asked Santa to bring me a Copic marker set and if he does then you'll be seeing a ton more of these kind of sketches. I really like drawing with this technique. I find it to be pretty fast and I like having an original piece of artwork to give a way. I'm still sort of experimenting in how I apply each medium and how I want things to look. For those who are interested I use a co-erase pencil for my sketch, I then add the markers to the sketch to add some quick colors, then I ink a few areas with an ink pen, and then I add some color pencil for detail and texture.

I also forgot to mention that I used reference for this one from my friend Stephanie. She gave me a great pic of Justine from the photo shoot that I helped her out with.

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