Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shot 04 & 08

I'm finishing up the last few layouts of my thesis. The lines are a little rougher than some previous ones, but I'm trying to get these done as fast as I can so I can move on to animation. I have one more that's almost done and another that needs to be fleshed out still, but they're almost there. There are a few details missing from this one that I will add in when I do the final graphite. The rolling pin needs drawn in on the bottom of the shot and the floor boards need to be drawn in. Any other texture will be added during graphite.

The shot below is an alternate angle of one I did for class. It was the shot that is looking down on the kitchen. This shot will be used instead in the completed film.


Abz said...

Dude I don't know why your updates are showing up-- I forgot to re-visit till I saw your comment. These are looking great, and the head clean up above is looking nice too. Hopefully ur next posts will show up in my feed.

Thanks for stopping by dude! :)

Adam Knight said...

Thanks Abz and no problem!