Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs The World!

If you haven't seen Scott Pilgrim vs The World yet you're missing out. Tons of fun! I absolutely loved it. I really like the video game references and overall style of the film. The soundtrack is a blast as well, very high energy, and brings me back to my gameboy and super nintendo days.

I thought Ramona was a pretty cool character so I did a sketch of her and threw on some colors digitally for fun since I'm now on break from school for a little while and I can finally make some art for FUN!

Not only is the movie pretty awesome, but the game is pretty sweet as well. It's an old school side-scroller beat-em up and it's available as a digital download. You can play as Scott, Ramona, Steve, and Kim. There are also 2 hidden characters to unlock and other nifty Scott Pilgrim stuff hidden in it. The 8-bit soundtrack in it is great as well. It's well worth the $10 bucks. So since I've been playing that, I thought it'd be cool to make myself as an 8-bit playable character. I've got some more I want to add to it, but here's what I've got so far.
I hope everyone's having a good week and go check out Scott Pilgrim if you haven't already, that is of course if you like video games and 90's stuff, haha. :)


Abz said...

Ooh la la! Look at you, posting all this fun stuff lately. Good job man, nothin like doin art for ones own personal pleasure, not school related. :)

Keep em comin, I'm a fan!

Freux said...

The game is totally awesome. Although i glitched through the floor at the final boss.

Loving your drawing of Ramona. Did you read the books?

Adam Knight said...

That's crazy that you glitched through the floor. My buddy was playing with me the other day and we went into one of those subspace highway doors and he wasn't there, but in order for me to get to the other side he had to move as if he was there, but we couldn't see him. It was weird.

Glad you like the drawing. I read the first book the other night. I had never heard of them until I looked them up after the movie the other night. I read a preview of the 1st book on my iTouch. I was surprised how exact the movie was to the book for the most part. Have you read them?