Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cupcake Layout - Wonky 06

Here's the approved wonky version for shot 6.  We made some minor adjustments to it and I cleaned up a few things.  The final shot with animation will probably be a little tighter in on the fruit bowl, just an inch or two inward, but we will see.  The hardest part of making a film all by yourself, especially when it's sort of your first, is that it tends to be a bit of an experiment the entire time you're making it.  I'm enjoying the direction that it's going though and can't wait to get some animation on these layouts.

1 comment:

Abz said...

Looks good- I would definitely add an object in the foreground on the right side- kinda like the left, to frame the shot even better, and give it more depth and richness. Bravo