Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cupcake Layout with Tone and New Shot

Last week I learned a pretty cool technique on how to take my layout and add tone and atmosphere using a graphite stick. It was fun. This is my first attempt at it and took the wonky layout and made it look like a night time scene.

I'm currently working on thumbnails for the next layouts and I'll be drawing a new one this coming week.
I also completed this next shot. This is the more realistic version and the wonky version will be coming this week too as soon as I get it critiqued from my instructor. The layouts are getting a lot easier and faster now that I've laid out where everything is and how the room is going to look.

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Abz said...

Hard at work! Its coming along man, everything is taking shape and form-- perspective is great- and the "night" scene looks really well done as well. :)