Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cupcake Layout - Wonky 03

Here's the wonky version of the same layout below. There are a few different elements in the scene and everything has been given more of a cartoon feel to it. There are things I like and things I'm not sure about, but today my instructor showed me how to add tone and atmosphere to it, and I like it a lot after seeing it that way. I want to take the hanging pots and pans and the plates in the background and add them to the one below. I will probably do different studies and figure out which I like the most.

Which version do you like the best? The more realistic looking one or the wonky?


Abz said...

Hey buddy,

You've been busy eh? Wow- this one turned out great... so much character to everything-- its totally cartoony and wonky! You've captured that well.

I'm not sure which I like better. I like both for different reasons. The clean one is better for seeing all ur details and perspective clearly, and the wonky one is great for showcasing your "giving life to objects"... well done- cant wait to see more!

Will this be coloured? Will every background you do for your film be this intense?

Adam Knight said...

Thanks Abz!

The layouts will have a tone treatment to them with graphite. That's one of the next posts I'll be doing soon. My instructor made a copy of the wonky one and demoed on it so I'll be posting that once it's completed. I hope to do that today actually, but we will see. I'm finishing up my next layout at the moment.

All the layouts for the film will look like this for the most part depending on the shot because the whole thing takes place in the kitchen.

Abz said...

Awesome! It's real neat to be following you from the start-- I get to see the sketches, and eventually one day (hopefully) see the full animation in final! ;)

Good luck man! I'll be keeping an eye out for it