Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cupcake Layout - Shot 03

I haven't updated in quite a while, but I assure you I've been pretty busy. This summer I've been learning all about layout design. Here is one of the shots I've been working on. It has a more realistic style to it. I've been experimenting with this shot in a wonky style, but I feel like I haven't quite found the right blend of the two that I like. I think my wonky version is too extreme. I would like to do a blend of the two and see how that turns out, but I'm running out of time. I have a lot more backgrounds to do for my film. I will upload the wonky one as well and would love to see which one you guys like more. For the moment though, I'm going to stick with this one.


Abz said...

Dude this is absolutely beautiful! Wow!! Look at all that perspective and details! Such great layout skills man, I'm impressed!!

Adam Knight said...

Hey thanks dude! Glad to hear you like it. :)

Casemanartist said...

Yowza! Mighty impressive stuff, Adam. Now I'm looking forward to two things: your "wonky" version and taking the Layout Design class this Fall!

Keep posting stuff; it's great to see! And good luck with your Cupcake project!

Adam Knight said...

Thanks Casey! I have some character design stuff for this project to post too and the Wonky will probably be posted Tuesday after I get it reviewed.

The Layout course is pretty cool. I have it as a directed Study so the layouts are geared towards my thesis, but I've seen the layouts you do in that class and they look like they should be a lot of fun to do.