Monday, April 12, 2010

Cupcake - Thesis Animatic

Hey guys!

So I've kept my thesis project a secret from the internet for the most part, but I wanted to show you how it's progressing. I finished my animatic in March for my midpoint review, which I passed and it went really well, so I thought I'd share it with you all. I would really love to hear what you think about it. I always appreciate constructive criticism, comments, and critique. The final version will be a 2D animated short for anyone who is confused on what the animatic is for. It won't be 3D.


Abz said...

Thanks for checkin my blog dude..

Yea, some people do prefer traditional over digital. I like both, and practice both- however, I find digital is still more enjoyable. You can zoom in, erase faster, undo, tweek lines better etc. But its definitely a must to have both.

This piece reminds me of somethin, great work though. Do you plan on making this into a short final version?

Adam Knight said...

Yeah it's going to be a 2d animated short. I'm doing all of the animation by hand. I did this all digitally though and animated it with after effects. It's still going through a lot of changes. I'm designing all of the backgrounds for it right now. I'll be starting the animation on it this fall.

Abz said...

Oh wow dude, thats awesome. I can definitely see it being animated. I took animation here in Toronto, but I'm more of an illustrator really.

You have to post some of the background work bud...they'll be good, I'm sure.

Adam Knight said...

Thanks! I'll definitely be updating the blog with my backgrounds. I've been working out the details, researching, and thumb-nailing, but next week or so I should have a finished piece to show.

Abz said...

:) Sounds good man.

Always great meeting artists my age who do what I love. Glad stumbled by man, I'm following you now- so I'll see the backgrounds when you post it.

Cheers Adam!