Sunday, November 1, 2009

Alison 2009

Today's my girlfriend's 24th birthday. I did a portrait of her as a birthday present. I had a lot of fun doing this one and it didn't take too long either. Usually digital painting takes me a long time. I used some new techniques and brushes on this one and I like the way it turned out. She loved it as well. :)

If you're into fashion and trendy things you should check out her blog. She has good taste in music and movies and sometimes blogs about them as well.


the Eclectic. said...

I know my opinion may not count because I'm the girlfriend and I think everything that pours out of your mind and hand is creatively enthralling, but then again I also think my opinion counts in full because I'm the one in this digital painting, and I feel like you've captured me to a tee! I could not be more stunned or more enraptured with your work, Adam. Everything you do has a stellar quality and care within it; I know you will go farther than the stars.

Crokis said...

I like it! I like the style and the how the lines build it, good one man.

Adam Knight said...

Thanks you guys! :)