Monday, September 21, 2009

Cape Overlap Exercise

Cape Overlap Exercise from Adam Knight on Vimeo.

Hey folks! Here's a little animation test I did for my Traditional Animation 3 class tomorrow. We had to animate a figure jumping rope while wearing a cape. The idea was to study and figure out the overlapping action between the different things going on. For now this is the final version, but I might play around with it a little more.

I'm finally figuring out my thesis this project semester. I'm getting the story all worked out at the moment, but you'll probably see some character design, storyboards, and an animatic from me. I'm not sure how much of my animatic/story stuff I want to reveal to everyone because I would kind of like people to be surprise or not know what's coming when they actually see the animation in a year to year and a half from now. I'm excited to finally be working on though.

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Trent Thompson said...

Yay for thesis time!! I wanna see your work whether its now and in progress or finished either way :)

Keep it up buddy!