Friday, August 14, 2009

A Princess Night Out

Here's something I've been working on recently. I usually don't do a lot of fan art, but I came up with this idea for one of my projects for The Art History & Ideology of the 20th Century class. One of the topics I could do for my final on was the "Carnivalesque" theory, which deals with the reasons why we go out to "carnival" like events such as parades, parties, events, and things like that. It also has to do with getting away from the routine and doing something different. I thought it would be ironic to see royalty out dancing at a club as if they were just like everyone else. I then of course had to explain the 13 points of the carnivalesque according to my drawing and situation. This is the final result.


Francisco Martins said...

Ha ha! great idea...the princesses go punkrock - LOE IT! :D

Adam Knight said...

Thanks Francisco! Glad you liked it. :)