Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good VS Evil Character Line Up

One of my finals for my character design & drawing class is to come up 6 characters, 3 evil & 3 that are good consisting of one side kick and two hero characters.  My theme that I decided to do is a western mixed with steampunk elements.  I don't have an exact story built for them, but I think I designed them well enough that it would be easy to come up with something if I decided to take the idea further.  If you haven't noticed already the characters on the left are the good guys and the bad guys are on the right.  The names are still a work in progress, but at the moment they are (from left to right) Gus, Lucy, Maverick, Skull Face, Big Shot, and Scarlett.  I'm pretty content with the good guys and Scarlett, but I would like to take another stab at the bad guys sometime.

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Miss Eclectic said...

These look good since the slight alterations. I wish we could see them bigger! Can you put up each as a single?

The Horse would look pretty cool next to the Cowboy.