Thursday, February 26, 2009

Character Design Process

I stayed up late Tuesday, like all of my Tuesdays so far, finishing up my celebrity character design project.  I was pretty proud of it, even though I now have a callus where I hold my pencil and my thumb is all pins and needles.  I handed in my work Wed. morning and at the end of class I was excited to see that I got an A- on my project.  AAU doesn't really give out A's on work because an A is professional and if you're getting professional grades then why are you in school.  That seems to be the attitude I've discovered here.  My design isn't perfect and there are a few notes he left me to fix or be aware of in the future, but I'm happy with the A-.  :)

So here's my project, sorry for the quality.  I shot it with my camera and then tried to fix it up a bit in photoshop.  I thought I'd show how I go about designing a character with construction, rough details, and clean up.

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