Thursday, September 11, 2008

Assignment 01

My first assignment for traditional animation was to animate a cannon shooting a cannonball across a canyon to the other side. The idea behind this animation is to focus on anticipation and squash and stretch. I also think it's to see where everyone is in the class. This was also my first time using a real animation table to do my work and using the pencil test system that they have in the animation lab. I'm pretty satisfied with the results. I wish it wasn't so dark, but I did my drawings in blue pencil and didn't clean them up so that could be why. At the moment, I can't get it uploaded up here. There's always a problem when I try to upload it, but you can check it out on facebook.

My first week of classes have gone pretty well. My drawing classes require that I draw using charcoal and that's a medium that I'm not use to, but I'm enjoying it so far. I just need some more practice with it. The shot below is what I did in class last monday.

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