Wednesday, August 20, 2008


One of Alison's friends, Quinn, told me that she had a pin-up like picture on her myspace and would love it if I drew it up for her. I of course was more then happy to get started on it since one of my favorite subjects to draw is the female form. So here's Quinn and you can expect clean lines and colors to follow. I don't know how soon I will get the colors done because this Saturday I am moving to Pacific Heights in San Francisco for school. I've been in the process of packing things up and getting ready to move. I'm totally stoked though and can't wait. You'll be seeing a lot of new work from me when I start school and I'll be sure to update a lot.

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Anonymous said...

I always like leaving you for a few months, then poppin' onto one of your sites to see what you've animated. Nice stuff...I've literally seen it all. the falling leaf, the cannon, the sneaky robber...and yes. The charcoal. It's all looking great!

~Erin O.